Who, If Not Literature?

On the war in Ukraine: Georgian, Russian and Ukrainian perspectives

In what context does literature exist and flourish? How close or how far removed is literature from topical societal and political issues? And what can literature and art actually do in regions of conflict and in times of crisis? Due to the developments of the past few days these topics are more relevant than ever before. The Ukrainian author  Artem Chekh, who was planned to participate in this panel, wasn’t able to be with us: Like many other men in the Ukraine he enlisted in the army.

The panel was held with Ana Kordzaia-Samadashvili, Maria Stepanova and Kateryna Mishchenko and was moderated by Zaal Andronikashvili. The event was part of the INTERNATIONAL LITERATURE DAYS: CAUCASUS, which concluded yesterday at the Literaturhaus Zürich.