Minsk 2015

Minsk, Belarus, the second leg of the debate series also involving Estonia, Russia, and the Ukraine aims to tackle the topic of “Diverse Identity Experiences — One nation?”, reflecting on the different perceptions on national identity and community in contemporary Belarus. An issue that has come to the forefront with the demise of the USSR and the newly sovereign Belarusian state. What unites its citizens? Different groups in Belarus give differing answers to this question. Meanwhile, intellectuals deliberate on the destiny of the nation and its identities, which, to a great extent are nowadays predetermined by current globalisation processes.

The debate’s speakers and participants include Felix Ackermann, Victoria Biran, Aleksey Bratochkin, Oxana Haiko, Andrej Karpeka, Marju Luts-Sootak, Bruno Schoch, Dmitry Strocev, and Raman Voranau.


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