Budapest 2012

The European project was and is an attempt to learn from the mistakes of the 20th century. Yet the current atmosphere of mistrust towards European institutions and the resurgence of nationalistic sentiments and xenophobia across the continent is putting the European peace process at risk. In the light of current societal and political developments we therefore set out to launch a debate series spanning different European cities, where we offer people a platform to discuss and debate these pressing issues at hand.

The first debate will take place in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, a country which ascended to the European Union only eight years ago but that is already steering from its basic core principles and values. Literary figures and intellectuals from Germany, Austria, Romania, Switzerland, Serbia, Hungary and other European countries will therefore come together in the city of Budapest to give their views and opinions on Europe’s evolution and the living and working conditions of its people. Speakers discussing what really matters will include Gábor Csordás, Zsuzsanna Gahse, János Háy, György Konrád, Michael Krüger, Robert Menasse, Ilma Rakusa, and Christina Viragh.


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