Lector in fabula 2022

Panel discussion: “The end of Europe as we know it?”

Debates on Europe will participate in the Italian festival of ideas ‘Lector in fabula’, taking place in Conversano from 19 to 24 September. Among the themes of this year’s edition are geopolitics and Russia’s war in and on Ukraine. On 23 September, an international panel, organized by Debates on Europe and Voxeurop, will discuss the consequences of the war not only in Ukraine but in Europe as a whole.

The war in Ukraine disrupts the European post-Cold War order, ending Swedish and Finnish neutrality, bringing back war memories and conflict in the Balkans and accelerating the rapprochement between Eastern Europe and the European Union. What does all this mean for the European integration project?

In Conversano to talk about this are Kateryna Mishchenko (Ukraine), Faruk Šehić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Maarja Kangro (Estonia) and Carl Henrik Fredriksson (Sweden). The discussion is moderated by Marina Lalovic of Rai News.

This event draws on a series of essays on the impact of the war in Ukraine on neighbouring countries, published by Voxeurop. The series – available in five languages, including English and German – features texts by György Dalos (Hungary), Davit Gabunia (Georgia), Emanuela Iurkin (Moldova), Leszek Jażdżewski (Poland), Rosa Liksom (Finland), Tomislav Marković (Serbia), Faruk Šehić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and Aro Velmet (Estonia).

The end of Europe as we know it?
23 September, 20:00 CET
Conversano, San Benedetto, Sala conferenze

Kateryna Mishchenko Writer and publisher (Ukraine)
Faruk Šehić Author and poet (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Maarja Kangro Fiction and non-fiction writer (Estonia)
Carl Henrik Fredriksson Programme Director of Debates on Europe (Sweden, Austria)

Marina Lalovic Journalist at Rai News 24 (Italy, Serbia)

The event will be recorded and made available on Debates on Europe‘s YouTube channel. For more information about the panel, see the full programme of the festival.