Debates on Europe Panel at ‘Lector in fabula’ Festival

Tomorrow, Catherine André, Carl Henrik Fredriksson, Marina Lalovic & Iryna Vidanava discuss #COVID19 & its impact at the ‘Lector in fabula’ festival in Italy. The panel ‘Diagnosis Europe. A viral story about heroes, conspiracies & the Swedish variant’ is moderated by Gian-Paolo Accardo.

For almost two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of Europeans’  lives – education, work, politics, healthcare… But countries have reacted differently to its impact, depending on political culture, the trust in science and government, and even geopolitical affinities. The first reaction was “every nation for itself”. 

If the EU ended up managing the vaccination challenge better than expected – after a slow start – most of the distribution has been done at local level, with domestic politicians and experts occupying the media space. As a result, the more polarized societies are, the more vaccination sceptics they have, these often being played by radical and populist politicians.

In a truly international event, journalists and commentators from all over Europe discuss the diverse encounters with the COVID-19 pandemic: from the start of the Belarusian revolution in the failed Corona measures, to the special Swedish way and the anti-vaxxers in France and Eastern Europe.

Gian-Paolo Accardo Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Voxeurop (Italy, Netherlands)

Carl Henrik Fredriksson Program Director of Debates on Europe & co-founder of Eurozine (Sweden, Austria)
Catherine André Co-founder and executive editor of Voxeurop (France)
Iryna Vidanava* Co-founder and CEO of (Belarus)
Marina Lalovic Journalist at Rai News 24 (Italy, Serbia)
*will join online

In cooperation with Voxeurop